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50 concluded deals in less than 4 months

ANMA MAXX Group is a freight forwarding company based in Serbia. Although the company was established relatively recently, in 2022, it has rapidly made its mark in the market.

Along with their exponential progress, their business network in Europe has also expanded. However, the downside was that with the increase in workload, usual tasks such as negotiating, ensuring that the truckloads were full, managing paperwork, and running the company’s operations became almost unmanageable. This soon led to increased unnecessary costs, making the business significantly more challenging.

That’s when Marjan Džamić, the founder of ANMA MAXX Group, decided to try the KleverCargo platform on a colleague’s recommendation.

KleverCargo – A simple solution that delivers results

klevercargo savings affordable solution

The first thing Marjan noticed was how user-friendly the platform was.

“I had no problems using the KleverCargo platform. There was no period of adjustment… the platform is truly simple, clear, and easy to master.”

After registration, our customer support agents contacted him to verify his company. Marjan describes his conversation with them as an excellent experience:

“The whole team is great! Everyone is very helpful and has an immediate solution.”

In addition to managing business improvement and paperwork, one of Marjan’s responsibilities was to find a way to reduce empty runs and unnecessary costs.

This is precisely what he achieved with the help of the KleverCargo platform.

Since registering on the KleverCargo platform in July 2023, until mid-November, Marjan and ANMA MAXX Group have concluded over 50 jobs through the platform, and they continue to use it to organise and improve their business.

With rapid business expansion and maintaining communication with partners across Europe, every minute counts.

That’s why the ability to digitise paperwork and automatically fill out contracts and CMRs is of great importance. With this functionality of the KleverCargo platform, Marjan and his colleagues quickly complete the administrative part of the job and have more time to focus on business improvement.

So, how does it all work in practice?

The KleverCargo platform is exceptionally easy to use and everything is designed to help you save time. This also applies to the first step – registration.

That’s why we decided to show you what it all looks like in practice, and why our users choose the KleverCargo platform to optimise their business.

  • Registration & verification

1. The first step is to create your account through registration. Simply fill in all the fields with accurate information, as shown in the picture below.

KleverCargo registration process first step

2. Then, check your email address – you will receive a verification code there. Just click on it and your registration will be completed.

KleverCargo email verification

3. Click on Verify email address, and you’ll be redirected to the KleverCargo platform. There you’ll be asked to add your company.

KleverCargo email verification 2

4. First, enter the basic information of your company.

KleverCargo email verification 3

6. And in the next step, provide details of your company so our agents can make necessary security checks.

KleverCargo email verification 4

And that’s it – the entire process is completed in less than 5 minutes.

Now you can post your offers for cargo, transport, or storage and explore existing offers.

  • Bidding

When you come across an offer that suits you, you can propose your price – here’s how:
1. Click on the Find offer and select Pickup, to see all the cargo offers.

KleverCargo bidding first step

2. Then, you’ll see all the available offers. To see more information about a certain offer, click on View offer.

KleverCargo bidding second step

3. There you can see all the necessary details which can help you decide whether that offer suits you.

KleverCargo bidding 3


4. If you are interested, fill in the blanks with the information about your vehicle and suggest your price.

KleverCargo bidding fourth step

5. To confirm your bid, click on Send your offer.

KleverCargo bidding fifth step


After that, the shipper or freight forwarder will receive your bid and take it into consideration.

As you can see, the entire offer-making process is digitalised, allowing you to resolve your requests in just a few minutes. There is no need to call anyone and waste your time on endless negotiations. 

Additionally, the KleverCargo platform enables you to automatically generate all CMRs and attach necessary documents, such as ADRs and permits, in digital format. Once your files are uploaded, you don’t have to worry about misplacing them – all documents remain stored on the platform, always available to you.

If you get stuck at any step or have any doubts and questions, seek help from our customer support agents – they are always ready to assist and find the quickest solution.

Become a part of the rapidly expanding network

Forget complicated platforms, outdated systems, and arranging business through intermediaries – KleverCargo is a digital solution that helps you improve your business with a simple application, whether you are a freight forwarder, carrier or shipper.

The KleverCargo platform might have been around for less than a year, but it is continuously improving, and the network of users is in constant expansion. Currently, the KleverCargo platform streamlines logistics and transport business for over 5000 satisfied users, and the ANMA MAXX Group is one of them.

Even though the KleverCargo platform is still developing, Marjan Džamić says:

“KleverCargo is a well-thought-out story that can compete with bigger platforms in the market.”

Become part of an innovative and fast-growing network and connect directly with manufacturers, carriers, freight forwarders, and warehouse owners.

Follow the example of successful companies like ANMA MAXX Group and conclude business deals in just a few clicks.

All this is possible with KleverCargo.


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