KleverCargo Web Summit 2023

The future of logistics: KleverCargo’s vision at Web Summit 2023

Web Summit 2023 is a highly influential event in the business world, where thousands of startups from around the world gather to showcase their innovative solutions. This year, KleverCargo is going to be one of those startups!

From November 13th to 16th, our team will be participating in Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal. In this blog post, we’ll delve into what Web Summit has to offer and explore how KleverCargo’s ideas for the digitalisation of transport and logistics align with this exciting event.

Web Summit 2023 unveiled

klevercargo at web summit

Web Summit was founded in Ireland, in 2010, and since then has developed into one of the most prestigious technology conferences in the world. 

Now, Web Summit has relocated to Portugal, and it’s held annually in the Altice arena, with over 700 stands and over 70,000 attendees. Besides this event, Web Summit also hosts annual tech conferences with the same goal of promoting startups in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Toronto (Canada), Hong Kong (China) and Doha (Qatar).

Web Summit’s objectives 

Web Summit’s most important for:

  • Networking 

This is a unique opportunity to network with entrepreneurs, startups, investors and other professionals, whose insights may come in handy for further business development and making informed decisions.

  • Promotion 

Web Summit provides the platform for showcasing the latest tech innovations and products which ensure exposure and attract potential partners and customers.

  • Opportunities for newbies in the industry 

The purpose of such an event is to help startups connect with investors, who attend Web Summit to discover promising investment opportunities. 

Significance in the tech world 

web summit's significance

Web Summit is one of the leading business and tech events, and covers various themes, such as: 

  • artificial intelligence
  • cryptocurrency
  • digital marketing
  • publishing
  • health
  • fashion
  • sustainability
  • transportation and logistics. 

The primary goal of the Web Summit is to present all the innovations and digital advancements that have happened in these fields.

Aside from emphasising the new developments in technology, Web Summit’s significance lies in startup promotion and guaranteed media exposure on the international level. Also, with over 71,000 attendees and investors, it’s almost impossible to go unnoticed!

Web Summit truly presents a unique chance for all the startups in development to shine and get out there. 

The road to Web Summit 2023

startup klevercargo

It all began in August 2023. 

Marko, the CTO and co-founder of KleverCargo, had a discussion with the team leaders regarding the goals for the last quarter and the upcoming year. They addressed the anticipated challenges and discussed the plans and objectives for the next period.

Anyone familiar with the startup story knows how challenging it can be. Therefore, he decided to try something out – Marko thought that one way to overcome all of this was to do something that would skyrocket the idea behind KleverCargo into the limelight. The first such opportunity that came to his mind was Web Summit.

Secret application

So it happened – he filled out the application without informing his colleagues and patiently waited for a response.

Time passed, and Marko remained silent about the application. He chose to keep it a secret until he received the official email from the Web Summit team regarding the application’s status.

As the days went by, Marko’s anticipation grew worse. He was slowly losing his patience but remained determined to keep his feelings to himself. He didn’t want his team to lose their good spirit and belief in the project, so he resolved to bear any potential disappointment alone.

After a while, the email finally arrived with the best news possible – KleverCargo’s participation in Web Summit was approved as part of the ALPHA group of startups.

Surprise surprise 

But that wasn’t the end of the email! 

The submitted application stood out among the rest because of the original concept of a KleverCargo digital freight exchange platform. Achieving that much in less than a year has distinguished KleverCargo and resulted in an invitation for our founders to participate in the Startup Showcase.

Web Summit’s Startup Showcase is an amazing opportunity to introduce KleverCargo’s idea and to present our solution for the digitalisation and optimisation of logistics and transportation. 

Wave of excitement

The news that Marko shared, just a month before the opening of the Web Summit, took us by surprise. 

During the morning meeting, there was a wave of confusion, and everyone wondered how and when this had happened. 

However, as the news sank in, it became clear that this was an opportunity to showcase KleverCargo’s idea to the world. Even though time was limited, a determination to make the most of it set in. The team swiftly started organising and researching for the trip, familiarising themselves with the activities at the Web Summit, and deciding who would represent KleverCargo. Everyone was excited to showcase their best selves and assist in preparing for the Showcase.

Big time preparation

web summit preparation

The choice of representatives fell on Bojana, our amazing Head of Marketing, due to her knowledge, confidence and communication skills. The preparations started immediately.

The entire team has been working tirelessly on creating content, improving our website and blog, and helping our representatives prepare for the Startup Showcase.

Participating in the Web Summit is a unique opportunity to showcase our startup, and everyone is putting in their best efforts to help KleverCargo shine on the grand stage and make a lasting impression on all attendees.

Although KleverCargo is a young startup, we are experienced and determined to demonstrate our value to the world.

From idea to impact – KleverCargo’s journey to the Web Summit 2023

Let us introduce ourselves. 

KleverCargo is a tech startup whose freight exchange platform for transporters, shippers and warehouse owners was launched in March 2023. 

Even though we are based in Amsterdam (Netherlands), we also operate from offices in Novi Sad (Serbia), Maribor (Slovenia) and Izmir (Turkey). 

startup tech world

  • The birth of KleverCargo

The idea of KleverCargo existed long before it was realised. It all began with our colleague who worked for a company that transported medical equipment.

Each time, it was an endless process of finding a transportation partner, checking prices, creating Excel spreadsheets, and reporting to the bosses. However, the prices would often change, requiring updates to the spreadsheets, and the bosses would demand lower prices. Additionally, partners would sometimes cancel. As a result, the entire process took approximately two months to complete and finalise the agreement.

After speaking with individuals in the logistics industry, our colleague discovered that this occurrence is more common than anticipated. In fact, this has been the standard operating procedure for the industry, despite advancements in technology and digitalisation. It seems that technology has transformed every other industry except for logistics and transportation.

That’s when we realised that we can make a change. We have an idea, talented staff who can help bring this idea to fruition, and a plan.

  • Driven by purpose 

klevercargo web summit

KleverCargo is a digital solution that saves time and money, and enables direct communication between parties (shippers, carriers, warehouse owners). It also allows smaller companies to participate equally with larger ones and provides precise and fixed prices without any changes.

Simply put, our goal is to digitalise all processes and migrate them to the KleverCargo platform. This way, everything can be managed in one place, eliminating the need for spreadsheets, intermediaries, and price fluctuations.

KleverCargo can be seen as a matchmaking service for transporters and shippers. It enables them to connect and receive competitive offers from trustworthy companies.

Therefore, if you need to save time and money, KleverCargo is an ideal solution for your company, regardless of its size, income and number of employees. Whether you operate locally or globally, and regardless of whether you’re transporting oversized or hazardous freight, we’ve got you covered.

  • Shaping streamlined logistics 

Logistics and transportation industry participants expressed their dissatisfaction with the cumbersome process of managing paperwork, making calls, and sending emails, all while manually tracking prices in spreadsheets. Planning transportation for several months was exhausting and resulted in burnout for everyone involved.

Fortunately, KleverCargo simplifies and streamlines this entire process. With KleverCargo, there is no need to print and store physical documents for years or spend endless time contacting potential transportation partners just to receive high prices or, worse, negative responses.

KleverCargo envisions a future where every step is simple and efficient. We aim to be the go-to digital platform for anyone in need of cargo, transportation, or temporary storage services. By combining logistics and innovation, we strive to streamline operations and create optimal working conditions.

It is time for the logistics industry to embrace simplification.

simple solution klevercargo

  • Dreams that change the game

As a young startup, the list of our plans for the future is constantly expanding. However, the primary goal is to improve the industry for its participants. This means making it more efficient and effective by eliminating wasted time, unnecessary complications, and negotiations, and streamlining communication channels.

The KleverCargo platform is designed to help you move your freight and organise transport, providing an easy-to-use solution that keeps all your documents in one place and saves you time. This allows you to focus on other tasks.

However, that’s not all KleverCargo stands for. 

Go green with KleverCargo

klevercargo reduced CO2 ecology

Aside from the lack of digitalisation, the transportation industry lacks the initiative to take the necessary steps towards a more ecological approach. Thus, we wanted to create a plan and see what KleverCargo can do to make the logistics world greener.

Perhaps we can’t solve all the ecological issues, but we surely can make some improvements in the issues which are directly related to logistics. One such is the CO2 and its emissions, which lead to air pollution.                             

This critical ecological issue can be prevented from happening in several ways – through the reduction of empty truck journeys and digitalisation of necessary documents such as CMR, which would cut the use of paper.

Along with this, KleverCargo also encourages its users to opt for a Business plan and plant a tree. Twice a year, the KleverCargo team will count all the Business plan subscriptions, and plant a tree for each one. In addition to reducing CO2, this initiative will contribute to reviving the deforested areas in the Balkan so they become green and healthy again.

KleverCargo’s presence at Web Summit 2023.

All of this has helped KleverCargo secure a position as an ALPHA startup at this year’s Web Summit and get a chance to participate in the Showcase programme.

But, this entire race has been unpredictable, and it continues to surprise us even further.

We’ve recently been informed that our startup’s position has been upgraded to BETA level!

Fantastic four 

So, without further ado, meet KleverCargo’s representatives:

klevercargo representatives

They are exhibiting on the 14th of November, at stand B411. However, the grand finale is set for the 16th of  November, when the Showcase program is set to happen. Our team is going to showcase KleverCargo’s vision at 10am – they are scheduled as the Pitch 3. 

Our ‘fantastic four’ will be flying to Lisbon a few days before the opening of the Web Summit. This will give them an opportunity to explore the city, meet other entrepreneurs and startup leaders, and finalise their preparations.

We wish them the best of luck!

See you in Lisbon 

web summit lisbon

Web Summit is taking place at Altice Arena, from the 13th to the 16th of November. KleverCargo is officially exhibiting on Tuesday, the 14th of November, at stand B411 in the Startup area, BETA floor. However, don’t forget the Startup Showcase – KleverCargo is introducing our vision on the 16th of November at 10am – Pitch 3.

Meet us in Lisbon and learn more about KleverCargo first-hand. 

If you are unable to visit the Summit, don’t worry! Stay tuned and follow our journey on our socials. Let’s get things moving – together!

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