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Product update you don’t want to miss: KleverCargo score and User score

The transportation and logistics industry has undergone significant digitalisation. One of the most prevalent trends is the use of freight exchange platforms. These platforms offer numerous features and advantages to their users.

Although technology has improved the supply chain, there are still areas where human input remains essential. People highly value the experience of other people, which is why reading online reviews is crucial when searching for a service or product. In fact, 95% of users rely on reviews before deciding on something. Reviews offer valuable insights based on personal experiences, assisting others in making informed choices.

We understand the importance of a personal touch and have therefore added two new features to KleverCargo – the KleverCargo score and the User score. You can learn more about these features in the paragraphs below.

KleverCargo score 

KleverCargo score

The KleverCargo score indicates the reliability of a company on the platform. Our employees conduct thorough checks on each registered company by personally verifying their data in the state register. The score is regularly updated to ensure the displayed status is always accurate in real-time. 

Parameters of the KleverCargo score 

KleverCargo score

The following six parameters determine the KleverCargo score:

  • Company status

The initial parameter is crucial and determines the company’s status, indicating whether it’s active or blocked. In order to utilise the KleverCargo platform, companies must maintain an active legal entity status. 

The reason for incorporating this particular parameter is a conviction that adherence to legal norms and protocols is a crucial factor in determining the trustworthiness and dependability of any given company.

  • Lawsuits 

This parameter applies to all court cases involving a specific company, regardless of whether they’re the prosecutor or the accused. It’s determined by the number of disputes and whether they were resolved in favour or against the company.

This readily available information empowers users to make informed decisions about their potential partnership with the company.

  • Date of incorporation 

A company’s reliability can be assessed by how long it has been successful in a particular industry, which is why we consider this parameter when forming the KleverCargo score. The longer a company has been established, the higher its rating.

Moreover, companies that have been in business longer tend to have an established reputation.

  • Supplier payment cycle 

One important factor for users to consider is the fourth parameter, which indicates the average time a company takes to pay its debts. Paying debts on time is crucial for establishing trustworthy business relationships and minimising the risk of legal action.

Your great performance in this area can positively impact the company’s reputation and relationships with potential business partners.

  • Number of employees 

The following parameter displays the real-time number of employees in a certain company. The number of employees indicates the company’s economic stability and credibility. That’s why it’s an important aspect for users of the platform.

  • Number of vehicles 

The final parameter displays the number of vehicles that a company owns. This information indicates the company’s financial status, size, and compatibility.

Let’s consider a scenario where you’ve made a deal with a company with two vehicles, but one vehicle suddenly breaks down, and the other is already on the road. Unfortunately, there’s no spare vehicle available, which leads to the deal’s cancellation. Hence, this parameter holds significant importance.

Why is the KleverCargo score useful?

business partners

KleverCargo’s mission is to protect our users’ data and enable them to find suitable business partners based on specific criteria. This ensures that both parties feel valued and protected throughout the collaboration process.

Since the beginning of our platform, we have prioritised transparency, security, and reliability for all users. The latest product updates reinforce our commitment to these values.

User score 

User score

Each platform user’s personal experience and review with a specific company is reflected in the User score. While this experience is subjective, it’s crucial in determining the company’s reputation on the platform.

User score rating 

User score

When users rate their experience with the company, they evaluate two things:

  1. They rate the payout speed, which is shown on a scale from red (for a poor experience) to green (for an excellent experience). 
  2. They give an overall experience rating using stars from 1 (for poor experience) to 5 (for an excellent experience). Factors users consider here are cooperation, communication, and agreement adherence.

Why is the User score useful?

We understand that hearing about the experiences of other users is crucial for making informed decisions. Research shows that 9 out of 10 people check reviews before collaborating with a company, and almost 50% of them trust reviews as much as recommendations from friends. This highlights the importance of not only considering the KleverCargo score but also the ratings of fellow users as a valuable indicator of a company’s reliability.

KleverCargo aims to provide a platform for users to share their experiences and give honest feedback to their colleagues regarding whether or not they recommend entering into business relationships with certain companies. Despite the remarkable progress in technology, people still place importance on the viewpoints and insights of others.

Stay up to date with industry trends

Product update

The KleverCargo platform has introduced two new options – system KleverCargo score and personal User score to enhance the user experience. Each serves a specific purpose and utilises appropriate parameters to highlight companies’ trustworthiness.

Ensure you explore new features on the KleverCargo and actively use them to enjoy their benefits. Visit the platform, log in to your account, and effortlessly find suitable business partners in a more reliable, efficient, and quick manner.

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