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Smart filters: a comprehensive how-to guide

The KleverCargo platform now has smart filters that automatically search and inform you about suitable offers based on your cargo, transportation, or storage needs, saving you plenty of time.

Find a more detailed explanation and guide through smart filters in the following paragraphs. 

What types of filters are there on the KleverCargo platform?

Smart filters KleverCargo

First things first, to understand smart filters, it’s important to know the three types of filters on the KleverCargo platform:

  1. Filters – a type of filter you manually input every time you look for a cargo, transport or warehouse.
  2. Saved filters – once you create filters to search for a specific offer, you can save them for future use. For example: if you frequently drive from Germany to Austria, you can save a filter and use it whenever you search for cargo on that particular route. You can save as many filters as you need because there is no limit.
  3. Smart filters – smart filters are saved filters with additional features, including automatic searching for ideal offers and notifications when found.

How do smart filters work?

smart filters KleverCargo

The smart filter automatically searches through the entire database of different offers every 60 minutes to find the ones that match your criteria. Once a match is found, you’ll be notified via email and a notification on the KleverCargo platform, allowing for a quick and easy deal closure.

Smart filters are personalised and specially designed to simplify daily tasks, from finding the ideal freight to selecting a suitable vehicle or warehouse. They save you time and allow you to focus on other business aspects.

Let’s create a smart filter together  

The process of creating a smart filter is simple. You can find category-specific videos on the platform for an explanatio:

1. Cargo filter

2. Vehicle (transport) filter 

3. Warehouse filter 

What are smart filters used for?

Smart filters

Smart filters save you from endless scrolling, constant phone calls, and tiring searches for the perfect vehicle or cargo. You no longer need to be online 24/7 to keep up with the competition and grab the best offers for yourself. 

Instead, use smart filters on KleverCargo freight exchange to receive an email and platform notification when your ideal offer becomes available.

How to use smart filters?

The most straightforward answer is – easy. At KleverCargo freight exchange, customer satisfaction always comes first. That’s why the whole platform interface is user-friendly, and the new feature is no exception. 

You can use smart filters through a brief process that can be done in a matter of minutes without breaking the bank. This is how it looks like in a few steps:

  1. You receive an email notifying you of suitable offers.
  2. Click on the blue button that says View all offers. 
  3. This link will take you to all currently available offers that meet your requirements.
  4. Review offers.
  5. Bid on those you find suitable for you and close the deal.

What parameters can be filtered?

Smart filters KleverCargo

1. Cargo 

In the cargo section, you can filter the following:

  • Route information

Here, you can filter notifications for local or international tours. Also, you can specify the departure point and date, as well as the arrival point. The final choice you have regarding the route is selecting the type of transport, either FTL, LTL, or both.

To clarify, if you solely drive routes from the Netherlands to Germany, you should select the Netherlands as your point of departure and the Netherlands as your arrival point. You can even specify a particular city or address. By doing so, the smart filter will provide you with a list of all the freights that require transportation on this route.

Route information KleverCargo

  • Cargo

Cargo filters allow selection by type and weight or volume. Also, in this section, you can indicate whether you are transporting dangerous goods, i.e., those requiring an ADR certificate.

Imagine you own a vehicle with a freight capacity of up to 3.5 tons. To save time, you can indicate the maximum load weight that your vehicle can carry. This way, the smart filter will show you only those freights that can be transported by your vehicle, and you can avoid scrolling through offers meant for larger trucks. 


  • Services 

In this section, you can filter information about customs clearance and CMR insurance. Also, you can specify if you’re looking for freights that need a tail lift or a Frigo vehicle for your cargo. 

For instance, If you don’t have a Frigo vehicle and don’t transport perishable goods, mark NO in that section. The intelligent filter will then only notify you of cargo offers that don’t require this type of vehicle. 

Services KleverCargo

  • Requester info

Here, you have the option to select the requester’s origin and business type, such as transport, manufacturing, import-export, trade, or service-providing. Additionally, you can assess the requester’s reliability through their KleverCargo score, ensuring that you do business only with trustworthy partners.

For example, suppose you want to transport only goods offered directly from the manufacturer. In that case, you can indicate that option, and the smart filters will select for you only freights set by the manufacturer.

KleverCargo smart filters

2. Transport 

In the transport section, you can filter the following:

  • Route

When filtrating the route, you can select the mode of transportation, local or international, and specify the exact departure and arrival dates and locations. Additionally, you can choose between FTL, LTL, or both.

For example, if you frequently send goods from Spain to Sweden, you can create a smart filter to receive notifications on new and existing transport offers for this route.

Route information KleverCargo

  • Vehicle

The filters for vehicle-related data include vehicle description, minimum load capacity, length, height, and additional equipment needed for cargo transport (loading ramp, customs rope, anti-skid mat, etc.).

Suppose your cargo weighs 6000 kg; you don’t need to waste time searching for vehicles with a load capacity of only 3500 kg. Smart filters will only find and notify you about offers suitable for your specific type of cargo.

Vehicle information KleverCargo

  • Additional 

Additional information relates to CMR insurance, customs clearance and ADR.

If your goods fall under dangerous goods, it would be helpful for you to see only ADR vehicles. With the smart filter on KleverCargo, this is easily achievable. They will find and notify you of the appropriate transport options.

KleverCargo smart filters

  • Requester info 

This segment refers to the applicant’s origin and type of business (transportation, production, import-export, trade, service provider, etc.). Also, it’s possible to indicate the rating of the requester and thus ensure that you only deal with dedicated and reliable carriers.

For example, If you want your transportation partner to focus solely on transportation and not participate in other activities, you can choose the “transportation” option under the requester’s business type. This will allow the smart filters to notify you of appropriate transportation offers.

Requester info

3. Warehouse 

In the warehouse section, you can filter the following:

  • Location and availability 

This section pertains to the warehouse’s location and availability date.

Suppose you require a warehouse in Berlin between October 15 and November 15. By utilising the smart filters, you’ll be notified via email and on the KleverCargo platform when a warehouse meeting your requirements becomes available.

KleverCargo warehouse

  • Storage

Within this filter, you can mark the warehouse category (customs, open or both), warehouse equipment (alarm, cantilever racks, crane, forklifts, etc.), storage types (block, high, partition, floor, and similar), storage unit ( M2, M3, pallet) and warehouse size.

For example, If you want block storage, select the option and let the smart filters handle the rest.

KleverCargo storage

  • Services

Services include temperature control, hazardous materials and professional staff.

If you need to store hazardous materials, simply indicate this, and smart filters will notify you of all available offers for this type of storage.

KleverCargo services

  • Requester info

The applicant segment includes information about their origin, type of business, and rating on the platform.

To ensure that you deal only with reliable warehouse owners, you can filter notifications to include only those with high KleverCargo scores.

KleverCargo requester info

Benefits of smart filters 

Save time with KleverCargo

To better understand how smart filter update is going to make your user experience on the KleverCargo platform even better, here are the benefits this feature brings to you: 

1. Time-saving 

Imagine waking up at 6 a.m. in a rush to get to your office as fast as possible because you know how much work you have to do. 

Your task is to arrange transport for four separate shipments of goods. The thought of the process alone gives you a headache – endless calls, emails, and messages. Transporters contact you to negotiate prices or enquire about delays in pickup or delivery. Each transporter wants to make their own changes. 

You spend the entire day searching for the perfect transport deal, only to arrive home late when your family is asleep. You feel exhausted and irritated. It’s like a nightmare come to life.

Now, same scenario, but a completely different story. Imagine waking up at 6 in the morning and having a stress-free start to your day. You can have breakfast with your family and head to the office feeling calm and relaxed. 

How is this possible? 

By using the smart filters on the KleverCargo platform, you already received six offers that match your transportation needs directly to your email. This means you won’t have to worry about transport organisation when you arrive at work. Instead, you can focus on other aspects of your business to improve it further. 

You finish the job on time and have free time to do as you please. 

How does this sound to you?

2. Efficiency boost

Picture this: You have a fleet of five vehicles, each with unique size and type requirements for cargo. Ensuring that each vehicle has the appropriate freight to operate efficiently and generate earnings can be a complex task, especially with multiple vehicles to consider. 

But not with smart filters. You can create multiple smart filters that match the characteristics of every vehicle you have. Use them to get notified whenever the perfect match appears on the platform. That way, you’ll utilise your fleet to its full potential and boost efficiency.

3. Up to date with available offers

Whether you’re looking for cargo or transportation options, you’ll receive timely updates on the most suitable offers via email and directly on the KleverCargo platform. The best thing is that you can utilise smart filters to have a backup plan in case of unexpected events, such as last-minute delays, vehicle malfunctions, or similar situations.  

4. Faster bidding 

Navigating the bidding process can be challenging, especially with so much competition. However, using smart filters can give you an advantage and ensure that your bid is one of the first to be considered. 

These filters will notify you immediately when a cargo or transportation opportunity that matches your preferences appears on the platform. After that, you only need to make your offer with a few clicks. You can rest assured that the smart filters will improve your chances of getting things done.

4. Simplifying process  

KleverCargo is a platform that facilitates freight exchange in a user-friendly way. However, browsing through numerous offers and finding the one that fits your needs can be a lengthy process. To address this, we have taken into account feedback from our users.

By implementing smart filters, the search for available offers is simplified. You’ll receive a straightforward notification via email and on the KleverCargo platform, and by clicking on it, you can go directly to the suitable offer without the need to make more than two clicks, such as opening an email and clicking on a link.

In summary 

KleverCargo smart filters

Incorporating smart filters into your daily use can significantly enhance your experience and productivity on the KleverCargo platform. With the ability to quickly sort and filter through available offers, you can save time and stay on top of your game. 

To try the KleverCargo freight exchange platform and smart filters, click here. The registration process is free. 

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